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Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Historical Museum is divided into three zones: Doshomachi District Zone, showcasing the company’s history and culture and histories of the area where Japanese pharmaceutical business originated. ; the History Zone, featuring a variety of materials and items collected over three centuries; and the Present and Future Zone, focusing on the company's current and future-progressive efforts toward pharmaceutical discovery, post-marketing development , and delivery on an international stage.

  1. Doshomachi District Zone Tracing the roots
  2. Histiry Zone Traveling through the history
  3. Present and Future Zone Pioneering the Next Age
Doshomachi District Zone Tracing the roots Histiry Zone Traveling through the history Present and Future Zone Pioneering the Next Age

Tracing the roots of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma

Visitors will see the signboard at the time of founding and the lantern placed under the eaves. In a storefront that reproduces the Tanabeya store in the Meiji period, a video of Tanabe Gohei the 12th introduces the company's roots and the history of Doshomachi.

Traveling through the history of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma

This Zone presents our historical activities, along with collected items from that history. At the end of the Zone, a video offers an overview of our history from the Taisho Period to today, leading visitors to the next Zone: the Present and Future Zone.

Pioneering the Next Age of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma

Covering research & development (R&D), post-marketing development, and the close relationship between the body and medicine, this Zone reveals the present and future of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma on its journey of over 300 years as a global research-driven pharmaceutical company.

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  • 1.Wooden Sign Board
  • 2.Signboard with Imperial sanction
  • 3.Storefront of Tanabeya
  • 4.Statue of Shinnno
  • 5.Standard manual balances
  • 6.Shogunate License
  • 7.Three-way agreement clause
  • 8.Signboard of salicylic acid
  • 9.Copperplate signboard of Hinode Tsuru
  • 10.Medicine Traders Guild register
  • 11.Pcitures of plants in around 1935
  • 12.Deming Prize
  • 13.Baron Koyata Iwasaki’s writing
  • 14.Microbalances
  • 15.Original drawing by Kon Shimizu
  • 16.Picture of the Royal Couple
  • 17.Digital chronicle
  • 18.Video Chronicle
  • 19.3D virtual encyclopedia of anatomy
  • 20.Video of Pass the Baton of Drug Creation